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I want to share the excellent impression of the professionalism and attitude of the New Estate Bulgaria agency team. In particular, Tony Vidolov helped us immensely, but his colleagues also gave us great assistance and support. We found a suitable property almost on the first meeting, but we had it confirmed and selected a week later. The deal was, of course, quite complicated, there was a certain waiting period, but everything was under control all the time, and without their cooperation and understanding we would not have managed. I don't know how many times we said thanks live and on the phone, but I want to say thanks again here and express the opinion that whoever chooses them - regardless of buying or managing a property, will not go wrong! They are professionals, but most of all, they are also pure-hearted people! Good luck in all your endeavours!
Spasimir Vladimirov, 23.11.2022
bought property through New Estate
First of all, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Lyudmila Shabanina for her selfless help and moral support in my matter. We tried another agency but had problems with the purchase of a mortgaged property. Scrolling through the Internet, thank God, I came across New Estate. I want to thank Lyudmila for her humanity and professionalism! Companies are built on such people. All the best!!!
Valery, 21.11.2022
bought property through New Estate
Good afternoon. Our situation was not easy as we had 6 owners and other agencies said it wasn't possible without all being present in person. We turned to New Estate and found solutions, we sold remotely without issues. Despite the sanctions, the money for the property was received through the bank and we are very grateful to the staff of New Estate for all their hard work, especially Yuliana Patleyeva. We wish you prosperity and grateful customers. Definitely recommend this agency.
Raisa, 18.11.2022
Sold property through New Estate
I express my great gratitude to the New estate agency and Lyudmila for accompanying real estate transactions in Kiten. Everything was very clear, constructive. Lyudmila promptly answered all questions that arose during the transaction. All documents were processed remotely, and no overlaps occurred during the processing process, which is very, very important in the current situation. Once again, a huge thank you for the quality work, more satisfied customers in the future (of which I have no doubt) and prosperity!!!

Christina, 14.11.2022
Sold property through New Estate
Thank you very much for your help in selling our apartments in Nessebar. I express my gratitude to Lyudmila Shabanina and Yuliana Patleeva who were always highly professional. All documents were prepared at extremely short notice. I wish you prosperity and many clients!
Svetlana Smirnova, 18.10.2022
Sold property through New Estate
I have completed the sale of my apartment in Capital Residences and would like to thank you for your attention throughout the decade you have managed my property, for your excellent work and professionalism.

Also congratulate you for the great team that has managed a difficult sale and has accompanied me to the end.
Juan Francisco, 12.09.2022
Sold property through New Estate