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Seller's Guide - Commissions & Fees

Frequently Asked Questions - Commissions and Fees.

'No Sale - No Fee' therefore no risk for you to try


Why sell through us?

  • We sell at least 1 million Euros of property stock every month

  • 100% Black Sea sales are to our Russian clients

  • Dominant in the Sofia market for domestic sales

  • No listing fees

  • No advertising fees

  • No sale, No fee

  • Inclusive conveyancing – no additional charge

  • Clear, straight and pre-agreed commissions

  • No hidden extras

  • Reference upon request, you contact our previous clients directly

  • Accurate Valuations and honest clear advice

  • British staff speaking clear and plain English for you

  • Russian and Bulgarian sales staff speaking the right language for your buyers


Are there any upfront fees?

Please ignore any company who claims to be able to sell property if you pay them an upfront listing or advertising fee, this is scam as the sale of their ad space is their only business. Despite their claims they do not have staff and offices in Bulgaria and cannot actually sell your property. Your property will only appear locally on their website in English, which is not marketed at all in the target markets (i.e Russia for Black Sea properties, Bulgaria for domestic buyer). You might as well put your property on AutoTrader as is has the same zero chance of selling by appearing there.

Like any professional agency, we only collect a commission upon a sale completing once our work is done. This way the agency and their sales staff remain motivated to sell your property as they cannot benefit otherwise.


What are your commissions?

We operate on fixed commissions so you know exactly what your costs will be before instructing us to market your property. Commissions vary accoridng to the type, location and value of a property, please contact us to confirm exactly how much will be charged upon the sale of your property. 


Do I have to pay extra for the legal work?

No, our conveyancing is included within our commission for all our vendors. Alternatively you are welcome to appoint any solicitor that you decide (600-700 Euros extra + document fees) to complete the deal and represent you in Bulgaria. Should you opt for us to represent you then you will only need to pay for the documents related to the sale, see below.


Are there any extra cost?

When any property sells certain documents are required to prove the vendor’s consent and status, these must be notarised or Apostilled. Whether you decide to use us for conveyancing or a solicitor, these documents will be at your cost. In addition, documents relating to the property itself are needed in order to prove its status as being built legally and clear of debt, these are official Bulgarian documents and each has its own cost (typically minor). Once a deal is done the funds need to be sent to you, the bank will charge an international transfer fee, which is also your cost. All these will be deducted from the balance at the end, no funds need to be sent by you.

Any other costs you might encounter relate to the running costs of your property and not the sale itself. For example; any overdue property tax, electricity or water bills, maintenance fees etc. All of these will be covered by us from the deposit funds, you will never need to send us any funds at all.


Can I have a free valuation?

We offer free valuations for anyone who contacts us, we just need to have; the location, the floor it is on and complex name (if applicable), the size, if it is furnished and a description of the view. With this we can help you over the phone or you can complete your details here and we will contact you asap


What price should I market at?

It is not for us to dictate the price, this is entirely up to you and we will follow your instructions. There is a lot of information on this website to help inform and guide you on the current market conditions, the best course is to read through the relevant material and then give us a call to discuss your specific property. We will offer you our valuation from our experience and let you know what we think it will sell at based on recent transactions of similar properties, but the price at which we start marketing is only decided by you.


Can you visit to take photos for me?

Definitely, we are happy to visit your property at no cost to you to take photos and video. Typically we achieve this within 2-3 days of instruction. If you have photos available then we can get started with the marketing straightaway.


What is my involvement?

All we require from you is authorised access to the property, then we can visit to see it and take viewing clients there too.

Once a buyer is found you will need to sign documents but there no need to travel to Bulgaria for this; you can either sign at the Bulgarian embassy or send them for Apostille stamping are your Foreign Office. Either we or your elected solicitor will advise you of details at the time.


For any questions at all, please contact us in London on +44 (0) 2079934197 or for customers in Ireland  +353 (0) 16571027