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We operate a growing lettings business on the Black Sea coast using both our Varna and Sunny Beach offices to collect and place holidaymakers as they land. We are capable of renting any property that is within reasonable distance to the sea and the major tourist attractions.

Typically our clients come from Russia and tend to book for 3-4+ weeks, as such when we take bookings for your property we will generally only need a few to fill it for the season. Villas and 2 bedroom apartments within immediate proximity to the sea are favoured, however we are keen to list all sizes and locations to cater for a wide spectrum of demand and variety of enquiries.


What sort of clients and bookings do we achieve?

As we offer visa services, airport transfers and viewing trips for property sales, we find both buyers and holidaymakers coming to us for placement in private accommodation.  The ‘booking season’ is generally from February through to June and as such it is best to have your property photographed and listed during this time. We also benefit from a number of walk in customers or next day enquiries from tourists who have just landed and need accommodation, or Bulgarians who decide to take a trip to the coast and walk into our high street office to request options for that night.

About 20% of all our bookings are made by families wanting accommodation for the whole season, as such the price is expected to be negotiated, in this instance we will be happy to liaise and mediate the agreement on your behalf.

We also have a network of professional individuals and companies who come to us for summer accommodation for their summer employment or staff. Many businesses in the resorts are only open for 4 months / year and thus their staff need accommodating for only this duration. Rates are necessarily lower, however if you have not received sufficient income over recent years this might well prove to be a higher earning option.


What will it cost me to list with

If you would like to list your property with us, please contact us to discuss your options. Unlike so many agents there is no risk listing with us as we do not have any upfront charges; no marketing fees, no advertising packages etc. Very simply; we will advertise your property through our existing network and contact you when we have serious people looking to make a booking. We only ask that you confirm a per week set price in Euros with us and any increases you desire for peak times. Generally we add 5 Euros / night as our commission as we prefer our prices are competitive and actually achieve bookings, rather than trying to make excessive returns and thus keep a portfolio of empty unused apartments.