For sellers

Free furniture for New Landlords

All Sofia Property Owners:


New Landlords only


We are offering to install a full furniture pack for free at 0% interest worth 2,500 Euros, then recoup its cost from rental income once we place tenants in your property at the full market rate*.

Within our group we own a furniture importers and a lettings agency, as such we are able to combine the unique advantages of both to get your property rented at no cost to yourself.

Our belief is; you have paid for the property, now the property should start paying for itself.

As a rule, you should never have to send us any money; the income from the tenants should cover any property costs and your rental profit. Our fees are:

  • No tenant, no fee
  • No marketing packages
  • No advertising costs
  • No subscription fees
  • 10% of the rental income for full management
  • Half of the first month of rental for any new or renewed tenancy

As one of Sofia’s leading lettings agents we have many satisfied clients who are in the best position to judge our services and our prices. Several are willing to provide references to other landlords in their same position and we are happy to provide you with their direct contact details.

Please contact us to discuss, +442079934197


*Please note that this offer is subject to a preliminary inspection of your property and our acceptance of its rental potential.