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Transfer Fee Calculator

Calculator for ownership transfer fees (governmental and notary fees)
Notary Fees, Taxes and sundry Registrations Fees at a value of: 90000 EUR
State fee for application to the Property Registry 177 BGN
Municipal tax 4401 BGN
Notary fees incl. VAT 1060 BGN
Interpreter services, required by law when a non Bulgarian buyer is present on the day of ownership transfer. 100 BGN
Notary deed draft and collecting required state and municipal documents for the transfer of ownership 300 BGN
Official identification of the parties involved 20 BGN
Notary fee for entering a maintenance / management contract in the Property Register 150 BGN
Bank charges 20 BGN
Post-sale registration fees ( Municipality, Property Registry ) 300 BGN
Gross amount BGN 6528 BGN
Gross amount EURO 3338 EUR