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We can take care of your Annual Property Tax:


No need to travel to Bulgaria or worry about trying to communicate with staff at the municipality


Every property owner must pay their annual property tax to the local municipality. The amount is calculated against the value stated on your title deed and as such varies considerably. The exact amount is calculated at the time of payment and cannot be determined in advance. Generally apartment tax varies between 150-450 euros / year.


We offer a service to conclude this tax payment on your behalf for an administration fee of 50 Euros + the tax amount.


This is separate from any income tax that you might have to pay, you are simply billed by the local authorities as the registered owner of the property - much like council tax in the UK. This tax is charged to cover rubbish collection, street cleaning, road maintenance etc. Opting not to pay results in interest being added daily, the government will log the debt against the property and it cannot be sold or transferred until the tax is paid in full.


If you would like us to process your property tax on your behalf, please contact us via email with a scanned copy of your title deeds ready for us to reveiw. We will be in touch within a few days. Our contact details for can be seen here


If you are already a registered Landlord with us we will be happy to recoup the cost of your property tax from forthcoming rental income, as such there will be no need to send funds.


Non-payment of municipal taxes can result in the injunctions and public auctioning of your property. For further details on this, please see this artcile. 


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