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NewEstate launches local seminars in St Petersburg to sell Bulgarian property 17-18th May

14 April 14

As part of a new marketing drive, New Estate has launched its first weekend seminar specifically for local Russian buyers of Bulgarian property, to be held in the Novotel conference facilities St Petersburg on the 17th of May.


Unlike a regular property exhibition where the attendees are shared between dozens of rival agencies, overwhelmed with hugely varying offers and presented with conflicting information, this event is exclusively hosted by NewEstate so your property offer is exclusively presented to a captive audience of preselected serious buyers.

We expect to select at least 100 guests over the next month with the help or Russia’s, who are the largest overseas property portal and the equivalent of Rightmove or Zoopla. With their massive marketing power and half a million website visitors per month, will advertise the limited number of places, gather and filter applicants and produce a serious buying audience.

Ten specific property offers will be prsented as specials for the weekend only, each will be discounted by 1,000 euros (resulting from our reduced commission, not from your net return) for reservations and deposits paid on the spot. These will be the best 10 offers that we have at the time, if you would like us to consider your property offer for this promotion, please get in touch to discuss the options.



The seminar will take buyers through the specific details of the viewing and buying process, the reality of the current market values and the specific advantages of buying a resale property from a private owner rather than from a competing developer. Each buyer’s course will last around 3 hours and is expected to result in direct sales. The entire weekend is created by, funded by and hosted by NewEstate with all Russian speaking staff deployed to St Petersburg to interact with prospective buyers over the 48 hour period.


With so much online information in the Russian market relating to Bulgarian property, there is a very clear need to cut through the jargon to deliver very clear information and real offers to genuine buyers who struggle to see through the online hype and marketing nonsense. NewEstate intends to deliver professional and accurate information to encourage serious buyers with real money to spend who cannot be found through other marketing channels and are inaccessible to competing agents as they lack the infrastructure and financial resources to host such an event.