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NewEstate is teaming up with the leading law firm Toskov and Yordanov in order to offer emigration services to Russian customers who are relocating to Bulgaria.

09 February 11

Due to the increasing number of Russians who are buying Bulgarian properties with intention to emigrate to Bulgaria NewEstate together with the Law Firm Toskov and Yordanov start offering new service helping their customers achieve residence status in Bulgaria. The service have been very well received as it offers real solution to eligible emigrants who were otherwise lost in the bureaucratic maze of visa procedures. The huge interest in the service is understandable as the current visa options for the Russian citizens are going to be available for the next 8-12 months due to the entrance of the county in Schengen zone and the subsequent introduction of the Schengen zone common legislation. As well as the most common property owners and pensioners visas also helps with more complex cases such as resident permits for class A investors and representatives of subsidiaries of Russian companies.