For sellers

NewEstate enters the holiday lettings market for night by night rental accommodation for holidaymakers.

08 August 14

With an increasing volume of vendors seeking to rent their property whilst seeking a buyer, NewEstate has invested into the necessary marketing and infrastructure to source and place holidaymakers for short term lets to maintain rental income for vendors whilst marketing their properties for sale. With almost 100% occupancy in the current portfolio we are now expanding our operation to open up holiday lettings services to all our coastal vendors and any other owners even if they are not looking to sell their property.


If your property is furnished and in a rentable coastal location, please do contact us for further details to get underway this season.


A new website is under construction to cater for the English, Russian and Bulgarian speaking markets, a surprisingly high volume of demand has come from last minute local domestic sources seeking accommodation for the weekend or the following week. Prices have recovered considerably and demand far more consistent than previous years when the recession forced a massive reduction in tourist numbers and thus the achievable nightly prices. Previously it was difficult to breakeven once the cost of air conditioning, cleaning and linen changes was taken into consideration, however with volume of Russian holidaymakers on the Black Sea at an all-time high and stable domestic demand, we are generating considerable profits for owners in the holiday lettings sector.


If you are looking to sell your property, but have found the value being asked is not possible to achieve at this time, why not consider renting simultaneously? Unlike other lettings agencies we can still conduct viewings with prospective buyers as this is agreed with any holidaymakers at the point of booing (naturally with advance notice), as such it no longer has to be a choice between either trying to resell and keeping the property vacant or renting and keeping it unavailable to viewing buyers until the season ends. Low risk and high returns conducted fully with zero involvement or administration from your side. See here further details or contact us if this is of interest.