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Aheloy is a small coastal village situated in the Bourgas Bay on the road between Bourgas and Sunny Beach. It is 6 km from Sunny beach and about 30 km from Bourgas. Administratively it is within the municipality of Pomorie and district of Bourgas. The population of the village is about 2500 people. The village is situated on about 13 000 sq. m of land.

A natural attraction is the Aheloy river which passes through the village and flows into the sea. The river banks are habitat for many rare specious.

From the historic point of view Aheley is interesting with the fact that it was arena of the famous victory of the Bulgarian King Simeon over the Byzantium army taken place in 918.

Interestingly, the village is not situated right on the beach. It is within 1km inland. The Aheloy beaches are small but are usually not so populated and offer more privacy.

During the boom of the contrition between 2000 and 2008 Aheloy coast was also a place for active construction.  The biggest complexes that were built in the Aheloy area, are Maria Cape and Grand Media resort. As well as these two large projects there are also a good number of small projects of apartment complexes in the area.

As the most of the towns and villages in the Bulgarian cost Aheloy is also a preferred property destination and has attracted a lot of British, iriash and recently Russians who acquired properties there.

The selection below is of properties in Aheloy area currently available for sale or recently sold. If yuo are interested in selling yuor proeprty in Aheloy please do not hesitate to fill in our valuatio request form or call us for further discussion.