For sellers

Your Euro priced property is worth 15% more Pounds today than it was in June.

10 October 16

For any British owner selling their Bulgarian property and converting back into Pounds, now is the best time to sell in the past 5 years. Brexit has triggered a convenient advantage for your Euro valued investment: on the 23rd June the exchange rate was 1.30 Euros to the Pound, today it is 1.10, that’s a 15% shift in your favour.

In real terms this means that anyone seeking 35,000 Euros for their Sunny Beach apartment pre Brexit to achieve £27,000, can now afford to better compete with the stiff Russian competition (who have for nearly 2 years benefitted from the exact same currency advantage) and can afford to lower their asking price to 29,500 Euros and achieve the same £27,000.


See below the past week of activity shifting almost 5% in your favour:


Past 7 days of EUR to GBP activity:


If your property has not sold this summer it is very likely to only be because it is overpriced. Your Russian neighbours are selling at lower Euro prices and the few active buyers in the market are snapping up only their offers. Brexit’s consequential currency swing has afforded you the advantage to match them and sell too.


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