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Where do people renting Bulgarian holiday apartments actually come from?

02 March 16

Analysis of the past 12 months of rental bookings shows that Eastern Europeans, Ukrainians and Bulgarians make up just over half (55%) of all bookings.

The commonly believed to be dominant tourists from Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands and the UK are amongst the minority renting privately owned holiday properties, typically they instead opt for hotel rooms and package holidays.

If you are renting your Bulgarian property this summer, take note of where your bookings are most likely to come from and be sure you have active marketing in those areas.



For families and couples seeking the best price break, perhaps without a clear 7 or 14 days available or travelling from an airport without chartered flight options, package deals including hotel accommodation tend to be less competitive and less flexible than a privately owned apartment.

Many of our guests prefer a 2 bedroom apartment to have both the convenience and the price efficiency of sleeping in the same accommodation as their children, far cheaper than taking two hotel rooms. Likewise, with use of a kitchen having breakfasts or even cooking an evening meal whilst on holiday becomes a considerable saving.

These are the types of advantages that your privately owned property offers when competing against package holidays and hotel room prices.


So why is this important for owners to know?

Major western websites and portals are very capable at targeting in their own markets, they appeal to the right audiences amongst whom their brands are well known, thus they successfully deliver results.

However, it is a mistake to assume that the shared economy websites you are familiar with for your holidays are the best option for your Bulgarian property, for which the average tourists coming from elsewhere knows different brands and has different demands. As you can see from the statistics, for Bulgaria the majority of the privately rented accommodation market is relatively local, for those who drive to their holiday and definitely not from English speaking markets.

If you intended to maximise and optimise the exposure of your property the most relevant markets, be sure you have representation in the source countries of highest demand.

Select the right portal for markets your property is most appealing to, list with