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Thousands of British and Irish owners face liquidation of their Bulgarian Assets

14 January 15

Urgent action is required if you own property through a pre 2008 Bulgarian limited company and did not ‘re-register’ your company into the new digital format.

Bulgarian shell companies owning villas, houses or land acquired before 1st January 2008 are required by law to re-register in a new digital format. If you have acted and re-registered there is no reason for alarm, your assets are perfectly safe. However, if you have not re-registered your company then you must act before 31st January 2014, after this date your company and its assets will be automatically liquidated by the state. There is no avenue for appeal or retrieval beyond the 31st January 2015.

If you are in this position or concerned that you migth be, please contact us as a matter of urgency, there is still sufficient time to act and protect your assets.  Click here to view the full details