For sellers

This week's sales at a glance - see what has sold and at what price

23 May 14

Many of our vendors ask how the market is going and if other people are successfully selling, as such we have itemised a week of our sales activities to help demonstrate what properties have been valued at, when, how long they have been marketed for and the price they achieved by comparison to our inital valuation.

All properties below have had offers made on them this week, all of which have been accepted by the vendors. Those showing 'reserved' indicates that a deposit have been succesfully collected, the others are are under offer and deposit collection is in progress.

If your property is currently marketed at a price distant from its valuation, feel free to contact us to discuss.


NewEstate's valuation: 25.3.14 was 40,000 Euros - now selling for 39,000 Euros 21.5.14

NewEstate's valuation: 14.5.13 was 31,000 Euros - now selling for 30,000 Euros 20.5.14

NewEstate's valuation: 17.4.14 was 62,000 Euros (inclduing parking space)

now selling for 59,000 + 4,000 Euros for parking space 22.5.14

NewEstate's valuation: 15.1.13 was 26,000 Euros - now selling for 25,000 Euros 21.5.14

NewEstate's valuation: 9.4.14 was 29,500 Euros - now under offer for 30,000 Euros as of 21.5.14

NewEstate's valuation: 28.1.14 was 15,500 Euros - now under offer for 15,000 Euros as of 20.5.14

NewEstate's valuation: 26.2.13 was 26,000 Euros - revised to 23,000 Euros on 10.5.14

now under offer for 23,000 Euros as of 23.5.14

NewEstate's valuation: 23.5.13 was 24,000 Euros - now under offer for 24,795 Euros as of 22.5.14

NewEstate's valuation: 23.11.13 was 23,000 Euros - now under offer for 23,000 Euros as of 21.5.14