For sellers

Sunny Beach prices stabilise, bargains available in less obvious areas. Think Ravda.

15 February 19

Property prices in Bulgaria’s major Black Sea resort of Sunny Beach have stabilised, last summer was the first since 2009 without prices being lower than the summer before. Finally, owners can take a breath and those looking to sell can do so without too much trepidation.

New trends in demand from new buyers are dictating new values and interestingly some of the best areas are going unnoticed. Time to grab a great deal for those willing to look left and right of Sunny Beach, we consider Ravda to be a hidden gem.   


Sunny Beach has long been the major resort of the Black Sea and it has typically absorbed the lion’s share of buyer’s demand. Swelling to a population of 400,000 at the peak summer weekends the resort bustles with tourists from all over Europe and Russia, particularly so as the weak Pound has driven up the cost of holidaying in France and Spain and politics have pushed Russians away from Egypt and Turkey. Bulgaria is the happy middle ground and is definitely making the most of it. Great news for owners looking to rent sell or those looking to buy.


Buy-to-let investors have not been slow to cash-in on the action, particularly domestic Bulgarian buyers as they can now borrow mortgages against Balck Sea properties at 3% interest meaning they can acquire a holiday home for occasional use and have its running costs more than covered by rental income the rest of the time. This new surge in demand has resulted in a halt to the decline in values, likewise it has catalysed a reduction in the time on the market for many sellers. Is it enough to see prices climb? Not yet, but ultimately this is how it starts.


There are holes in the market and these areas are both opportunities for sellers and buyers. Ravda is just south of Sunny Beach and a long established traditional seaside town, populated all year round it best suits the Bulgarian demand as restaurants and shops are open in all seasons so a family from Sofia can pop over to the coast for a warm Spring or Autumn weekend. This example is a splendid two storey duplex apartment covering 90sqm and has great sea views, fully furnished, perfectly rentable and available for just 35,950 Euros.


Ravda property


Hard to find a comparable off offer in Sunny Beach, Ravda has begun to create its own niche as the happy medium between price, availability, amenities and seasonal accessibility.


Away from the bustling nightlife of Sunny Beach and with its own charm, Ravda is particularly suited to families with young children or elderly members as the calm ambiance is much closer to real Bulgarian culture than in the more commercial Sunny Beach. Prices of everyday items are lower and some would say the food is better, cooked and served by people who operate their restaurants for locals all year round and not student staff for just four months of the summer.