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Selling Property in Bulgaria – why is the commission so high? Selling tips and explanations of the commission payable to agents when selling property in Bulgaria.

09 May 11

Newestate published a new article axplaining the Agency comissions.

No one likes to pay estate agents, especially when their fees seem so unreasonable in a depressed market when everyone has already lost out on so much. After all, they are only showing people your property and eventually one of them will buy it won’t they? It seems like 3,500 Euros as the agent’s cut is an outrageous amount doesn’t it? The reality is that like any business, job or employment, even the slippery estate agents need to get paid for their time, survive, eat and if lucky breakeven. This brief article better explains the costs and commitments behinds the commission fees you are likely to encounter when selling a property in Bulgaria, who gets paid what and their role backstage in finding you buyer. Unlike previous years when the good times rolled, very few estate agents make sufficient commission to fuel Ladas let alone buy Ferraris, as such if you believe the commission being asked of you is too high, too much and just pure greedy,

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