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NewEstate see rise in the resale of Bulgarian Property resulting from divorce.

24 April 11

Over recent months has seen a rise in the number of solicitors and individuals seeking official valuations of Bulgarian Property in order to establish current value as part and parcel of divorce settlements. These typically lead to an immediate need to release funds from the assets as a quick sale is desired upon reaching settlement .


Whilst the reasons are unclear, the trend is certain and as such NewEstate has launched a paid for service to officially evaluate Bulgarian property assets so that our findings can be submitted to the court officials for consideration. It is most likely that this rise in activity is due to the downturn of property as believable investment and its likelihood to grow in the future.

Whereas as overseas property has traditionally exchanged hands or been retained by the awarded party in the case of divorce, it is probable that with diminishing values and few signs of recovery that new owners would rather resell and step out of market as opposed to waiting for prospective growth.