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NewEstate: our company, our history, take a look to see who you are doing business with.

30 September 13

Buying and selling a property in Bulgaria will always involve a certain amount of trust, at some point every client has to take a leap of faith and empower a third party (agent or solicitor) to process their sale or purchase on their behalf. The Bulgarian market is harder than most to find professional people for these tasks and we are often asked who we are and what we are all about as a result. This is especially true when vendors have already been stung by scammers who charge upfront fees for listing property for sale, naturally no one wants to be stung twice and we are accustomed to our clients taking precautions and acting with vigilance when deciding which company to give their business to.


As part of our efforts to address these common concerns, we have published the below timeline which offers an brief insight into our operation through the boom and bust years, showing you the highs and the lows.


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