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NewEstate opens Sunny Beach office from 1st June 2013

23 May 13

It is once again that time of the year when most the demand for our manpower is focussed in the Sunny Beach region. NewEstate will reopen its central Sunny Beach office from the 1st June and relocate several members of staff to full time living in the resort for the duration of the season.

Having a professional office facility along with the staff to operate it provides us with the immediate resources to attract buyers, conduct viewings instantly and deliver results to our vendors. This year we will be running a video advertising campaign projected on the office frontage every night as many buyers roam the streets in the evenings browsing for agencies to contact. We are also branding entire buses in Sunny Beach for the whole season to maximise awareness of our brand and the availability of your property.

See below the images of our office facility that your buyer will encounter when being sold your offer.