For sellers

NewEstate launches professional photography for all those wishing to sell Bulgarian property.

11 February 13


As part of NewEstate’s continued efforts to lead in its marketplace, the company now offers professional photography for every property listed with them. A step ahead of every competitor, NewEstate is the first in the Bulgarian property market to offer this and pledges that it will always be free of charge for its clients. NewEstate reiterates that it does not and will not charge upfront fees to its vendors, director Christophe Gater stated ‘the employment of professional photographers is yet another major advantage for our vendors, none of our rivals are willing to cover such costs, ultimately this is inevitable for any developed property market but we are still proud to be first’.

According to New Estate’s research and experience in the buoyant Russian market, the presentation of properties has never been more significant. Gorian Varbanov from the Sofia office remarked ‘we have a growing volume of Russian buyers reserving online without viewing, unlike the boom years of European demand the transfer and visas costs for Russians are often as much as a deposit, as such many opt to reserve and pay in advance, which is naturally all based on what they see online’.

Although still a vast buyer’s market, the Russian demand remains solid and as such property in sought after areas can sell at the true market price, New Estate welcomes vendors of all types of Bulgarian property to contact them to discuss.


Please click here to view an example of our new photography and gallery