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NewEstate Launches 100,000 Euro Marketing Campaign in the Russian Market for the Sale of Bulgarian Properties

14 March 12

On 1st March 2012, NewEstate launched a new and extensive Russian marketing campaign ahead of the summer season to bolster its presences and further assert its dominance in the marketplace. Since the launch an average of one property per day has been sold, some threefold increase on usual trading for this time of year. Director, Christophe Gater, commented that this ‘demonstrates a strategic success in conquering online marketing in the Russian market’, he explained that ’12 months ago we were page 85 on today we are page 1 for our chosen search terms’. Whilst NewEstate chose not to explain how they have done it, it is clear to all that they have made it happen in a tough and competitive market.

It is obvious that heavy investment has been needed to reach this milestone, but the investment appears to be set to reap considerable rewards as previously unsellable stock becomes more visible to those active Russian buyers. Whilst the marketplace as a whole shows few signs of price increases or higher sales volumes, this is a certain success for the vendors who have listed with NewEstate as they are far more likely to sell Bulgarian property as a result of this strategic investment.

NewEstate maintains a ‘no sale, no fee’ policy and insists that it will never charge upfront fees for representing and marketing. Christophe Gater commented ‘marketing is entirely our cost and our risk, that is why we are in business and able to offer a service. Our investment and success justifies commission upon selling; charging upfront fees is a nasty scam and I look forward to these unprofessional people being pushed out the market’.