For sellers

New Estate launches its 4th generation website

11 November 18

A vastly improved platform fully loaded with new tools and functionality ready to pair users with properties.


It’s a great time to be partnered with New Estate as we’re investing in extra marketing to accompany the platform’s launch. We expect the volume of visitors to rise considerably from our typical 500 unique visitors per day, be sure your listing is up to date and at an attractive price!


So, what’s new?



As the go-to establishment for foreign owners of Bulgarian property, we have tailored tools specifically to cater for clients in this niche market. We firmly believe that we offer the best online resources to help our clients analyse their options and better understand property value; whether it is for vendors to analyse competing offers, or for prospective buyers to browse and be sure it’s worth buying.


We recognise that many international owners feel disconnected from their overseas Bulgarian assets, especially if owning it has been a disappointment. Fear not, we are here to make selling the opposite experience and as painless as possible. New Estate’s clients can be as detached or as involved in the process as they would like; we offer greater control over your listings and the opportunity to help improve your chances of selling if you wish. 


Tell buyers why your property is better


We have to up 1,000 privately owned properties listed at any one time and despite our best efforts it is often the owner who best knows the unique aspects of a property. We now offer owners a greater level of engagement by empowering  them to express the advantages of their property. Our clients can now login to their accounts to formulate their own descriptions, explain their property’s key competitive advantages and help sell its best aspects that might not otherwise be obvious browsing buyers. Serious buyers tend to be at the end of a long learning curve, they have almost certainly studied many options and have worked out where exactly they want to be, telling them that your offer is away from the complex bar, closest to the pool best for kids or that there is a shortcut to the beach can make all the difference.


Don’t take our word for it – check out the competition and know where you stand


Owners can now login and build a ‘watch list’ to monitor competing offers around them to feel their place in the market and easier identify who they are up against. Keeping an eye on your rivals helps build assurance that you are making the right call when you decide to accept of decline a buyer’s offer.


Online Chat, all day every day


Our new online chat services is now available in English, Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian and Greek. For anyone who cannot use the phone because they are in their workplace or simply prefer to type, our teams are now on-hand to respond immediately to all inbound questions from sellers and buyers alike by chat.  


Now adaptive to all screens sizes, easy to navigate on mobile devices and tablets


Our previous version relied on a mobile application for mobile users and a full size desktop version for everyone else, however with connections speeds ever increasing and screen sizes constantly growing we have adapted to the demands upon our platform to deliver clear search results to buyers whatever their screen size. With as much as 60-65% of visitors browsing on mobile phones this is a crucial step and a key advantage for maintaining and growing our market position.


Can’t find a property with at least 5% ROI? No problem! Try out new search filter


We are proud to be the only company in the market that offers the ability to search by returns, a great new tool that investors will find time saving, informative and accurate. It’s a natural question to ask how much a property can rent for, what its costs are, what occupancy levels one can expect etc, but its very hard to find this information and even harder to trust it. Fortunately, New Estate has been 9 years in the residential rental market and 6 years in the holiday rental market, so we have a considerable bank of data and experience to know what the true figures are. When a property offers notable rental potential we are advertising as so with an investment calculator showing the real income and costs according to our considerable experience.