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More than 500 holidaymakers per month booking Bulgarian rental property through NewEstate

23 June 15

With approximately 500 bookings taken each month, NewEstate’s new holiday rental division (, continue to grows at considerable pace.

Hundreds of owners of previously vacant loss leading property have been delighted with immediate results and instant income, empty underperforming property along Bulgaria’s Black Sea can be considered market history.


'Cutting out parties with blatant conflict of interests'


In some cases properties are fully booked for the entire season within just days of listing. Owners who have never received any positive balance from years of renting via onsite services have been shocked to see the true demand for their properties. Cutting out parties with blatant conflict of interests, enforcing transparency and removing all unnecessary costs has delivered returns in the hundreds of thousands.

Seemingly, the Bulgarian holiday rental market is not the total disaster the media likes to lead us to believe, it has simply been filled with scams and leaks causing rental income to be diverted illegitimately away from owner’s pockets.


See the true figures below: examples of individual apartments, their actual performance to date and the amount generated for their owner so far. If you would like to let your property this season it is not too late, the peak weeks are still to come. Contact us as soon as possible.