For sellers

Looking to sell this summer but feel you will miss rental income by trying? We have the solution.

25 April 14

The most common problem for vendors at this time of year is to decide to rent or try to sell this season. Summertime is the most busy for physical viewings, almost no online ‘blind sales’ happen during the coming 5 months and as such if access is not freely available you can consider your property off the market for buyers until October. Russian holidaymakers tend to view all options of available properties first-hand throughout their summer vacations, many of whom only decide what to actually purchase at the very end of the season and into the Autumn. As such, even if a sale does not result immediately the summertime availability of your property for physical viewings is essential.


Experience proves that attempting both is truly ineffective: it is simply not possible to rent out the apartment via your regular rental agency and still expect access to be possible at a moment’s notice when your separate sales agent needs access to show a potential buyer. Even if this is achieved the property will never be tidy and presented at its best, with occupants in place buyers feel hurried and pressured to leave thus fail to take all the time they need to full consider the property’s attributes. However, we have a solution that offers the best of both.


NewEstate is now able to offer its vendors an option to list for rental as well as resale by maintaining access rights even when rented to holidaymakers, we can preserve your chances to sell and still deliver some rental income. We cannot promise to be as effective as the mainstream rental agencies who have exclusivity to your property and thus can efficiently and systematically fill it each day of the summer, but for those who have decided to sell we can still offer the opportunity to place holidaymakers on an ad-hoc basis producing rental return for you and still enable access for potential buyers. We managed this by offering available properties to holidaymakers who accept better prices per night in return for the possibility that we will call and need access at short notice. This is not necessarily ideal for every holidaymaker hence the returns are less, but still the seasonal net result for vendors seeking buyers is more than the certainty of nothing.


We are currently taking bookings every day, if you are selling a property with us that can be rented and this is of interest to you, please feel free to contact our holiday rental division in our Varna office: