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Bulgaria officially offers Europe’s cheapest holiday destination.

10 June 15

We all know how tempting it can be to book cheap flights and think about the cost of accommodation and daily holiday expenses later, it feels like a better deal doesn’t it. Well, according to German research (Anne-Christin Sievers of ADAC) the least expensive all round European holiday considering average purchased items during your stay will certainly be Bulgaria, meanwhile Turkey has proven to be just 2% cheaper. With apartment accommodation from 16 Euros / night in Sunny Beach, average prices in the resorts for 33 items such as sun cream, sun lounges, coffees by the beach etc are calculated and considered as part of the total holiday cost and proven less overall in Bulgaria. Interestingly, the largest disparity between prices was not a pint of beer or taxi ride but actually the cost of a beach towel: 5 Euros on the Black Sea coast and 33 Euros in France at ‘Six-Fours-Les-Plages’. Beach shorts averaged 6.57 Euros in Bulgaria, whilst in Germany they cost 24.87 Euros.


Bulgaria comes in at 118 Euros, whilst France for the same items 217 Euros, with the average European basket at 162 Euros.