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Article: How to rent your Bansko Ski property

02 December 15

News for any owner of a Bansko property who is looking to maximise their income this winter season. NewEstate offers advice on the realistic possibilities and the pitfalls of actively renting in Bansko.


Like so many previously emerging property markets, Bansko suffered a immediate post construction lull whereby the physical properties were present but the marketing to fill them was not, hence it became known as a town uninhabited new-builds. For years after the credit crisis, optimistic and possibly deluded developers focussed their marketing budgets on selling units rather than filling them, however since that has long proven unsuccessful many of those same companies now redirect their efforts and their marketing money to the rental market. The results are encouraging, although the local government can be criticised for not effectively delivering any meaningful holistic marketing strategy, the collective effort of active private firms jockeying for position has delivered improved international awareness and set Bansko firmly on the map for budget skiers and cash strapped party-goers alike.....see here for the full article: