For sellers

Agencies who charge for Advertising Vs New Estate – the maths says it all.

08 February 14

We are often asked why several agencies charge upfront listing fees and why we don’t. The answer is simple: because we only profit when we do our job and actually sell your property, not when you first make an enquiry and are considering trying to sell, these are two very different situations for your pocket.


Several Dublin based paid for agencies lack any infrastructure in Bulgaria, they do not own or rent their own local offices, they have no Bulgarian company, operate no vehicles and employ no staff in Bulgaria. They use third party commission only agencies to try to find buyers for the listings they collect in the UK and Ireland, these third parties are an extra unnecessary cost and are always paid for by you the vendor.


Let’s look at a recent real example of a sale in the 5* Royal Barcelo Beach complex in Sunny Beach for a an accurate comparison. The vendor received his full funds last week and the buyer's testimonial can be seen here published on 12.2.14: