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Its always hard to know if a company is professional and trustworthy, which is especially true when buying or selling overseas.

We find the best solution is to let our clients doing the talking for us.


Veronica, 10.09.2015
Sold property through New Estate
apartment - Sunny beach
"I would like to thank Christophe and his team for selling my studio in sunny beach. They were so professional from the minute I contacted them. They did absolutely everything for me. It was amazing. There were no issues at all. I kinda forgot the sale was going through until they asked for bank details. I would recommend newestate. I am just sorry I didnt know about them last year."
Stoyan, 07.09.2015
"Bravoooo of New estate !!! I rented my accommodation for the year and am extremely happy here, such great people to help me. Now I'm about to let some other property and once again I will turn to NewEstate!"
Mrs Bronia harrison, 05.09.2015
"From start to finish, New Estate have been absolutely fantastic.
We were worried about selling our property in Bulgaria as there are so many dodgy people out there!!
However this was definitely not the case with New Estate. When I was worried about the sale at the beginning Christophe Gater called me to explain the process and made me feel at total ease. We were kept informed every step of the way.
The whole process was very professional and efficient.
I cannot recommend them highly enough.
If you are looking to sell in Bulgaria then this is the company you need.
Our apartment sold in two weeks!!
I will be happy to speak to anyone about this company and how fantastic they are. So please do not hesitate to contact me.
I hope you choose to sell with New Estate, they are absolutely fantastic."
Alexander, 26.08.2015
Sold property through New Estate
"Good afternoon,

With this letter I want to express gratitude to NewEstate, as well as all its employees, namely, Yuliana, Lyudmila and Ralitsa. In the first minute this company interested me with its openness and professionalism.

I received all the necessary information from the company's employees, I examined everything on the company website as well as the features of the transaction (must pay tribute to the website because it is the "face of the company", it fully satisfies even the most inquisitive and skeptical the buyer!). Representatives of the company have helped to choose the best options on the property, which coordinated and organized viewings of properties. Inspection of property was organized in full-scale format with the provision of all the necessary details, very impressive. Once the property was determined, the company's employees did their best to secure me the best price from the vendor.

The legal side of the deal Representatives of New Estate organized independently with minimal participation on my part, for which I express my special thanks to Lyudmila. In the future, I plan to continue to cooperate with New Estate, I recommend it to friends and family.

Sincerely, Alexander"
Olga, 23.08.2015
Sold property through New Estate
apartment - Ravda
"I want to say thank you for the professional and quality work from Lyudmila Shabanina, Yuliana Patleeva and the whole team at NewEstate !!! Selling an apartment in Ravda was quick and painless! Everything was done remotely, by proxy, the money came in on time, all was arranged for me! Contact this company, there work really decent people! Good luck to them in this difficult market!"
Lyudmila, 23.08.2015
bought property through New Estate
"I am more and more in admiration of the employees of NEW ESTATE. I rented my studio through this company: not only was it almost completely filled every day, but every question i had was immediately responded to, even in the evenings. Wishing you all wealth and success."
Olga, 12.08.2015
Sold property through New Estate
"Our apartment in Grant Resort Fort Knox gave us many happy years, allowing summer vacations for our children in safety by the sea, in a really beautiful environment. It was time to part with our beloved property so we approached several firms, some even very well-known and large, to put it mildly we were not pleased: sleepy and sluggish sales with the same frame of mind and management. Yet we immediately liked the attitude of New Estate. Lyudmila Shabanina and Ralitsa came the day we contacted them and made high-quality photos and video of the apartment, they took all the right details and asked the correct questions. During the marketing they regularly reported on the status of market and its progress with buyers by email, we listened to their advice to changed the price accordingly to get the most possible. In the summer of 2015 they promptly and competently complete our sale. New Estate's employees took into account our interests and the interests of buyers, all very professionally. Everything is thought out, planned, developed and it provided us with a proper sense of security. The entire team of the company has worked very well with an extremely professional approach. Sincerely, thank Lyudmila! I highly recommend this company. Contacts have already transferred and our friends are planning to rent and purchase apartments via New Estate."
Yuri, 08.08.2015
Sold property through New Estate
"Dear Sirs!
Our sincere gratitude for the cooperation for the sale of our apartment to all the staff at New Estate! Especially thank you for your attention and professionalism Lyudmila Shabanina !!!
Happiness and good luck in your business!
  Many thanks! Dovizhdane!
  Yuri, Valentine, Svetlana and Oleg."
Margaret Gallagher, 19.06.2015
"I couldn't recommend this company highly enough, they helped with a legal issue regarding property in Bulgaria. They are efficient, professional, trustworthy and honest which is sometimes hard to find.

Christophe was very reliable and I was kept informed on what was happening. I wish I had known of this company sooner, can truly recommend them."
Ronnie Blake, 08.04.2015
Sold property through New Estate
"All the team were very very good - always keeping me up to date on everything. The sale of my apartment was so easy and stress free, I did everything from home through this is a very trustworthy company. I really would recommend them."
Mark, 25.03.2015
Sold property through New Estate
apartment - Ovcha Kupel 1, Sofia
"I have to say, over a number of years Newestate has delivered a very efficient and reliable service for both the rental and sale of a property, which I formally owned in Sofia. Their knowledge in this property minefield is second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend the Newestate team."
Suzanne Curry, 18.02.2015
Sold property through New Estate
apartment - Ovcha Kupel 1, Sofia
"A great relief to have found Newestate, Christophe and his team. They were extremely helpful both for the rental of my property for 5 years and its eventual sale. Glad to see someone is making money in Bulgaria!.....but they do a very good service so no doubt deserve it. Wish them every success."
Alan, 09.01.2015
Sold property through New Estate
apartment - Sunny beach
"Very smooth transaction. Christophe and all his staff very professional. Sale was very swift.
I had my apartment for sale with a different company for 8 months and I did not receive one enquiry. I initially spoke to Christophe on 9th Oct 2014 and the funds were in my account on 9th January 2015.
I would have no doubt in recommending this company in dealing with the sale of your property.
I'm sure they will carry on in running a successful business, as it is obvious that caring for their clients is paramount.

Thanks again to Christophe and all his staff !!!
Richard Nye, 08.01.2015
Sold property through New Estate
"Amid the chaos and the horrors of a Bulgarian property tale, Christophe was a beacon of reliability, helpfulness, patience and sound advice. In a climate increasingly inimical to making a sale, I am hugely grateful to New Estate for sticking with it and seeing me safely across the line. If anyone out there is still tempted to become involved in the Bulgarian market – or, more likely, desperate to get out of it – take the precaution of having this excellent company on board."
Stephen King, 08.01.2015
Sold property through New Estate
apartment - Sunny beach
"If you're looking to sell your property in Bulgaria, dont waste your time looking any further! This company will do everything for you.
They keep you up to date every step of the way, offer good advice and hold your hand through the whole process. Special thanks to Christophe who was able to help with any enquiry I made.

Totally painless journey to the eventual sale. Thank you to all at New Estates"
Nigel Williams, 18.12.2014
Sold property through New Estate
apartment - Bansko
"Extremely professional and efficient service provided by Christophe and his team. I would have no hesitation in recommending NewEstate BG."
E Keeley, 05.12.2014
bought property through New Estate
apartment - Bansko
"Record time for completing purchase . THREE WEEKS start to finish . dont think I need to say more ."
Carol Leslie, 21.11.2014
Sold property through New Estate
apartment - St.Vlas
"Thank you for making the sale of my Bulgaria property a smooth and efficient one. I am very happy with the service I received from New Estate."
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