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Rent your Bulgarian holiday home with us


39,000+ nights of bookings this year


List your property with us for maximum exposure in the right markets for your Bulgarian property. We have no upfront fees of charges and will visit your property to take professional photos and video.


Our full management rental service is commission only and includes:


  • Comprehensive local and international marketing

  • Administration of all bookings

  • Airport collections

  • Checking tenants in and out of your property

  • Processing of all payments

  • Cleaning and linen changes


With offices in Sofia, Varna, Sunny Beach and Bansko we are permanently on-hand and local to your property. Unlike most rental agencies in Bulgaria, we will inform you of all bookings achieved in real time, you will always know which dates have been booked, how much for and crucially how much is due to you. We do not issue dubious end of season statements, complete transparency is fundamental and paramount for us.


Your property is yours to use as often as you like, even under contract with us: login to your online account and block out dates you wish to reserve for use by yourself, friends or family etc.


Although we take every measure to ensure holidaymakers look after your property, sometimes accidents happen: feel secure and be insured against all accidental and malicious damage. Policies are available from us and generally start from 65 Euros / year, a small cost for peace of mind.



How do I get started?

If your property is furnished and ready to be used there is nothing more for you to do, we would only need a scanned copy of your deeds and your authorisation to have access, we do the rest.


Can I still use my property?

Yes indeed, should you wish to use your own property during the rental season this will be no problem at all. You can block out any dates you like as long as they have not already been booked. If your dates have been booked we will do our best to move the holidaymakers to another property, however as an existing booking under contract with you via us their prior booking does take priority. If you wish to use your own property please always block out your chosen dates as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


How much income can I expect?

The average nightly rates vary according to quality, location, facilities and season. Generally, we find owners achieve an average of 60 nights / season in the resorts such as Sunny Beach or Bansko, the average 1 bedroom apartment with the reception, bar and typical facilities will achieve 35 Euros / night, naturally for smaller studios it can be less, for those with 5* facilities it will certainly be more.


What bills do I have to pay?

Your regular ownership bills such as annual maintenance and property tax will still apply. Amenities bills for water, electricity and TV connection etc are included within the nightly rates and as such these must also be covered by you. We can pay these for you as part of our service, we can deduct from the rental income if you are not able to facilitate payment to the amenities suppliers.


How much do you charge?

We charge 30% of the gross rental, from which we also cover the cost of cleaning and linen changes, these are not billed additionally to you.


What if I am selling my property, can I still rent?

Yes, this is the unique aspect of our holiday lettings service as most owners who have their property on the market miss out on rental income whilst they are marketing to find a buyer. Generally it is not possible to show buyers your property on an ad hoc basis with minimal notice whilst it is rented to holidaymakers, who naturally do not expect to be disturbed during their stay. However, if you property is on the market for sale with us, feel ensured that we overcome this issue by explaining and agreeing to any potential tenants that we might need access and will give them maximum notice and not during antisocial hours. Our experience proves this strategy highly successful, thus enabling owners to maintain a full summer of rental income whilst still showing the property to all potential buyers who have interest.


How do I get paid?

We can make payment to any bank account you decide or make a transfer to your PayPal account. Payment will always be in Euros, bank accounts outside of Bulgaria will incur an international transfer fee. We will pay you at the end of each season, the income will be fully accounted and clearly presented for each and every booking.


Do I need to buy insurance?

We recommend that anyone renting their property asset has an insurance policy that sufficiently covers them against any loss or damage caused by the tenants. We can offer policies from 65 Euros / year which will cover the building and content against malicious and accidental damage by holidaymakers as well as loss of income from bookings which cannot be completed due to damage to the property.


Where do you cover?

We cover the Black Sea coast, Sofia and Bansko. If you have a property in these locations we can offer you a fully managed service.


For any questions regarding us potentially renting your property, please do contact us directly to discuss.