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Selling and Buying Bulgarian Property

If you are looking to sell your Bulgarian property we are the right company to assist you. Without any upfront charges and an impressive track record, you will find the optimal returns with us, click here for further details. If you are seeking to buy in Bulgaria, we are equally well equipped and will gladly find you the best match available, see our buyers page for more details, click here

Company Accounts & Tax Returns

£150 annual fee for each company: the registrar requires that a full set of accounts is submitted each year by the 31st March for every Bulgarian limited company. Whether your company is dormant and just a vehicle for owning your holiday home or it is a fully fledged trading company, we are structured to offer you a full accountancy service. If you fail to submit annual accounts the fines are considerable, click here for details.

Property Insurance - Quote Online

Click here to get an instant quote online: From 69 Euros / year property insurance does not have to be expensive, most of our owners are fully insuring for between 70-150 Euros / year. Often a legal requirement for those with mortgages and peace of mind for those who have tenants or are only visiting their property on holidays. Varying levels of cover, including malicious damage by tenants, please click here to complete your details and get an instant quote.


VAT - Claims & Returns

Claim back 20% of your purchase:depending on your situation and stage of purchase, we can structure a legitimate case and present to the Bulgarian treasury for the return of the VAT element of your purchase. Having already been responsible for returning 100,000’s of Euros to property buyers, this is a highly successful structure for anyone in the market for the long term or with multiple units.

Valuations for Inhertiance or Divorce

Official inspection and written report for your property value, submittable in UK courts. As an official evaluator of Bulgarian property assets, NewEstate is registered to provide accurate valuations for legal purposes. Property assest may need to be assesed in the event of death, inhertiance or divorce, our service provides the necessary inspection and specific information to satisfy these legal requirements.


Conveyancing Services

Found a buyer? Next step is to prepare the documents to complete the sale. Upon agreeing a sale it is necessary to appoint someone in Bulgaria to represent your best interests and work on your behalf to prepare the property’s documents necessary to complete the sale. For any vendor who sells via NewEstate this is free of charge and part of our service within our commission. Conveyancing is essential for any deal to complete and must be conducted by a trusted party.

Annual Property Tax


50 Euro fee for each property: owners are liable to pay property tax to the government every year. The amount is calculated against the value stated on your title deed and as such varies considerably. Some rural villas are billed as little as 15 Euros / year, other regular size Sofia apartments will typically be 150 Euros / year. We offer a service to conclude this tax payment for you for the administration fee of 50 Euros + the tax amount.

Closure of a Bulgarian Limited Company

Many owners of Bulgarian houses and land own them via a Bulgarian limited company. When the assets are sold the company is often left behind and clocks up unavoidable annual running costs. We are able to offer solutions to close a Bulgarian company and terminate your responsibilities as directors and or shareholders. Each case is unique, please contact us to discuss.


Liquidation of a Bulgarian Limited Company

If you have an original format Bulgarian company (pre 1.1.2008) and have not reregistered it into the new digital format, then your company must now unfortunately be liquidated. This process is compulsory and is being systematically carried out by the state, in order to save any property assets owned by your company you must act and initiate voluntary liquidation to protect your investments.


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